Spotted: Kimberly Gordon of Wildfox

Flowery done right!  Sparseness of the living room is definitely working. Via knight cat.

obsession du moment


Driving back from Forest Park and saw this house. It struck me as so wuthering heights and romantic, like I was in some misty English countryside. Why don't more people do the smooth trowel stucco finish if that is what this is... it looks like an old style stone ch√Ęteau. Beautiful wood garage door and window frames.

I could live there. 
Just saying.


Ken's Artisan

Door handle from Ken's Artisan Pizza. Great detailing in the combo of wood to metal.


Spotted: Greg and Grey of Antler & Co

Local Portland home of Greg and Grey of Antler & Co. Check it out here. Such creativity. And dig that bag of another local, Wood & Faulk!


more kerning


For the past week I have been walking by this house and finally got to capture a shot of it without all the workers and debris piles. It's being lovingly renovated. Also snuck a shot of the inside. Great staircase and exposed lathe wall.            



This is one of the rare modern houses in the neighborhood but it fits in nicely. Can't figure out what I think about the stainless steel garden boxes however.