living in... rome

So many option for staying in Rome. This apartment has such great, unique touches. Loving the bed on pallets, the bookshelf made of plywood boxes, the tableau on the floor in the bedroom, and minimalist living room with that chesterfield couch and laptop on the floor!


living in... berlin

Dreaming of living in this 1 room flat in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.  Loving the contrast of the flocked black wallpaper and kitchen white out.

And then there's this flat located in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin. Love the rolling work table, bright flowery sheets, and blue-grey couch.
I. Want. To. Move. Now.


Skinny Houses and All

The Keret House, which will be built in Poland for Israeli writer Etgar Keret, clocks in at a mere 28.3 inches. I think urban infill is important, but really?!! And I agree that it resembles a pregnancy test like others are saying. By Centrala Architects. More via ArchDaily.

And some more skinnies...

Lucky Drops by Atelier Tekuto

Thin House in London


by rivers and trees

I'll be away from the blog on a camping excursion weekend!
Photography by Olivia Bee, an amazing young Portland photographer.


orange you lovely

So good to see some color during this rain spell we've been having. This color combo of orange and steel blue is unique and warms me up.

And this poor shorn kitty just hanging by the flowers is pure cuteness!


thy kingdom to the weeds

I've always been smitten with this house just right off of Laurelhurst Park. Lately it's become overgrown by weeds and fallen into a state of abandon. Reminds me a lot of Rick Rubin's castle in Laurel Canyon of Blood Sugar Sex Magik fame. Check out the whole story "Bad Neighbor" in Willamette Week. Shots of Rick Rubin's recording studio/mansion below!

photo links here, here, and here


character study

So i've decided to add a new series to my posting. Honoring how our spaces reflect who we are, I'll be pairing people to a room that suits them. Listening to some Bob Dylan this morning I've decided to  kick start this series with a little Dylanesque drawl. How does it feeeeeellllll?

Since Dylan has undergone so many incarnations from folk star to rock and roll icon, I focused instead on Dylan as a thinker and a poet, as someone who challenged the status quo and blurred the lines between high brow and low brow, with a twist of the wild, free, and nomadic.

Simple, unfussy. I would probably nix the owls and put in a ukulele... and a typewriter on that bedside stump! Something synchronous about his belt and the way the bed has been made (unmade). Here are some others that made the cut.

This is a more grown up Dylan for sure. I think these next ones are too busy for Dylan's style, but they definitely belong to some other cool cats.

photo links: here, herehere and here.


wine country weekend

Weekend escape to Willamette Valley's wine country. Brick House, was a special treat. Now that they have hours over the weekend that aren't by appointment, we were able to stop by, and after hearing so much about them, they did not disappoint.


On our way up the winding road that loops around the property, two very friendly dogs came up to us and followed us so closely that we were a bit worried to keep driving in case we would run them over. They made an appearance again, as there they are later, on the porch of the brick house below! This is probably one of the only brick structures you'll find in the area and it is where the owner lives and what the winery is named after.

The tasting room was just the way I like it. Rustic, low-key, moody (which explains the darkness of the photo above) and the server was a character straight out of The Big Lebowski. On our drive out to another winery I saw this abandoned barn. I'm guessing it was for grain because it was tall.

After visiting 5 wineries we were ready for a nosh at ThistleThe Oregonian's 2011 Restaurant of the Year. Since the reservations for this restaurant in McMinville were completely booked, we had the option of sitting at the chef's table and have an up-close view into Eric Bechard's, a James Beard award-winning chef, every move as he put together the meals of the night. Magical. The place itself is a style I could have in every room of my house. A black and various shades of white palette. The furnishings were reclaimed. Tin tables, industrial chairs, antique typewriters, a punch of a black wall, hand-screened wallpaper from Scotland, a perfectly tufted banquette area, and counters made from an old bowling alley. J'adore! 

{photos: mine and oregonian}


the week's digs: industrial rustic

After having dinner at the chef's table at Thistle and rambling around in wine country (more on that later), I'm revisiting a style I know all too dearly... industrial rustic. Though my tastes are wide and varied, this style continually does it for me. The blending of the old and new leaves me wide-eyed and cheery...

1) Piet Hein Eek’s Scrapwood with steel fireplace via cocoprogetto
2) photo by Calie Chapman via flickr
3) Stone and concrete house by Architect Lawrence Savioz via muuuz
4) Shades of Light wine barrel lantern via remodilista
5) Work lamp by Form Us With Love via Design House Stockholm
6) Wood Log Barrel Stool from Hudson Goods
7&8) The Treasury in Arild via 
9&10) Pain D'Avignon in Essex Street Market via Boudoir