taken by porches

Nothing makes me happier than a classic white house with a great porch and unfinished steps like this one in SE Buckman. Here's a list of fave old white farmhouses from around the world.

...this rustic renovated New York farmhouse via Country Living.

... this Stanfordville, NY farmhouse posted on flickr by Anna of the amazing Door Sixteen. See more here.

... this Catskills Farmhouse featured on nytimes.com and on the great blog katy elliot, who is doing an amazing renovation, in her own right, on her new england home.

But my favorite, is the house that was featured in the movie Lying starring Chloe Sevginy. I personally loved this movie because of the beautiful set design and dreamy location in the NY countryside. I realize most people found it to be a total loss of two hours of their life, boring and meaningless, but I really saw it as more of an artistic and intricate film whose visually imagery creeps up into you. I also found it refreshing to not be told what to think or to have to understand every moment which, unfortunately, is the trend of movies that studios are releasing nowadays. And the house in the film... you just have to watch the free preview of the opening of the movie to understand. One of the greatest intros ever.