character study

So i've decided to add a new series to my posting. Honoring how our spaces reflect who we are, I'll be pairing people to a room that suits them. Listening to some Bob Dylan this morning I've decided to  kick start this series with a little Dylanesque drawl. How does it feeeeeellllll?

Since Dylan has undergone so many incarnations from folk star to rock and roll icon, I focused instead on Dylan as a thinker and a poet, as someone who challenged the status quo and blurred the lines between high brow and low brow, with a twist of the wild, free, and nomadic.

Simple, unfussy. I would probably nix the owls and put in a ukulele... and a typewriter on that bedside stump! Something synchronous about his belt and the way the bed has been made (unmade). Here are some others that made the cut.

This is a more grown up Dylan for sure. I think these next ones are too busy for Dylan's style, but they definitely belong to some other cool cats.

photo links: here, herehere and here.