tribute to the workspace

art studio// SLLA

Oliver Gustav via mustard and sage

machine shop via r3d

LYCS architecture office via archdaily


living in... upstate NY

                  this looks like a mighty fine getaway

living in... puglia, italy

wishing my last few days of summer at villa puglia


the week's digs

great rack idea joanna fowles

fascinated by painted rug floors cote maison

kat hayes flickr



perfect just the way you are

This house is such a beauty. Its so nice to come across a house being lovingly restored to its original glory. Besides I always crush at the sight of scalloped shingle siding on the upper level, which is a hallmark of victorian and queen anne styles and can be found all around portland.


they're here!

I ordered these cards for the blog from moo and they are finally here! Will be handing them out to the local homes featured on the blog. Wooppee!!


to porch or not to porch?

So I've been obsessing of late. If you know me at all you'll know I'm a fan of a great grand porch, the sprawling, lazy afternoon, sipping mojitos lounger porch. However, not all of us are blessed with such porches as for instance, this massive stunner in Laurelhurst (a wrap-around porch to boot!).

So I was wondering and dreaming of some fantastic porch additions and found some goodies.


the week's digs

this 'full moon odyseey' floor mattress

this clean kitchen design by Steven Harris at 54 Bond Street in New York

this sophisticated camping in style

and this TOPO wallpaper!


good day sunshine

Every once in a while you come across a house that just feels right. It has that magic... the ambiance of the street, the trees, the house all clicked together. A picture cannot do it justice.


hot volvo in the city

Old awesome green volvo p1800, great warehouse graphic, and a sweet cozy cottage. Dream.


open house

Cute victorian by belmont for sale. Love the mod yellow.


into the brightness

This bright blue and bright red-pink house were sitting pretty right by one another and I just couldn't resist. Perfect for this amazing weather we are finally having!


the week's dig

haiti design inspiration here


open house

Spotted this darling Piedmont Bunglaow. The orange exterior works, especially when its balanced with such a neutral interior.


house hunting

Walking in the Abernathy area and saw this house for sale which is very similiar to the one I posted on last week. Again great details. Love the old school corner sinks. Reminds me of one of my favorite bathroom renovations by Anna of Door Sixteen.