portrait: parliament world headquarters

pdx does it again
 love love loving the office of portland, oregon company parliament 
a creative design studio 
a lot of inventive reuse and reclaiming going on
more here

yurtin' it live

lazed around newport and it's beaches &
spent some time in some snazzy yurts here
the yurts were actually amazing
the dome top opens up, highly recommend you try one
might make a good backyard addition someday
 made by the company pacific yurts


yaquina head

the yaquina head lighthouse was amazing 
the contrast of the black and white with spiraling staircase
industrial and rustic, sooooo great
& this exhibit at the aquarium blew me away


portrait: architect-owner

small space, sweet design
i am bananas over the shower/tub/combo
and it's on my street!


excuse me while i vacay

and leave you with this diy
a kitchen pallet island 


needing brights

feeling i need a little something to counteract this portland gloom
 house in northern spain via micasa



this dreamscape is right in the heart of a world heritage site
Herdalssetra in Norway


laurelhurst facelift

my favorite theatre in town is getting a facelift
love the black diamonds
ps what place could be better with tickets at only $4!