artifact week 1

This week I built a 1:1 scale model and made a short film to go along with it. I first designed simple mounts with L brackets to hold up 4 by 8 cardboard panels and represented the actual 4 by 8 plywood panels I will use. They were easily moveable so I could explore and play with different configurations. I immediately changed the orientation so that the house is organized along the longer direction. This allows for a better delineation of spaces. In the end, I learned a lot by building it out at this scale as opposed to drawing it on paper or in some computer program. You could really imagine what living in 12 by 16 sq feet (192 sq ft) would feel like. Results... everyone in class was surprised how large it lives. When you have a fold down table and bed options, high ceiling heights, and every space is organized to be functional, you can truly maximize. I had two offers of classmates that wanted to move right in. Success!