small houses pdx

This proposal seeks to provide the need for affordable, infill development to entry level homebuyers in the Portland area.  A traditional 50' x 100' block in the inner city becomes the location for a cluster of four compact single-family detached homes taking up the place of what would typically be a single-family residence. Small homes work together allowing for both private outdoor space and communal garden space. These micro-homes are low impact, are modular in construction to allow for easy assembly and disassembly, and use off-the-shelf components to maintain a tight budget. And although small, they have a remarkable amount of green features including a radiant Warmboard subfloor as well as greywater systems. With a footprint just shy of 200 sq ft these small homes also fly under the radar of permits and taxes. Although our small homes work best amongst a community of small houses, the small home can also be set up in conjunction with a primary household on an existing residential lot. In such a way your small home can satisfy the need for a backyard office, guesthouse, or rental that serves as a revenue generator, or alternatively as a studio for all types of creative work. You can choose your small home to be a number of sizes depending on need from XS- L (192 sq ft. to 896 sq ft.) The S at 320 square feet is enough for two people to live comfortably. The project comes with a solar version that does not require it to be plugged into a support house for power. Living small means more freedom. This project aims to prove that an "average" person can achieve home ownership on a small budget that is convenient, efficient, and stylish.


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