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This Japanese tale reminds me of the intentions of my project. It's amazing how much people work at jobs they don't like and then spend to keep up with the Jones' when everything they need to make them happy could be theirs right now

            A successful business man traveled to a poor country and took a relaxing walk beside a lake when a local paddled ashore with 7 small fish. “Why only 7 fish?” he asked.
“I have enough to feed my family,” said the local.
“So what do you do all day?” asked the visitor.
“I fish a little, play with my children, watch the sunrise & set, take naps, and hang out with my friends.”
“Oh, that’s awful! You could earn a lot of money by fishing more and selling them.”
“And what would I do with that money?” asked the local.
“Buy a bigger boat. Then you could catch even more fish and employ some of your friends, eventually buying a fleet of boats to catch fish.”
“And what would I do with all those fish?”
“Well, buy a shop and sell them to your friends. But why stop there? Put them in cans and sell them worldwide. Within 25-30 years you could earn millions of dollars with an empire of global fishing fleets!”
“And then what?”
The businessman replied: “Then you’d be rich!”
“And what would I do with my riches?”
“You could retire to a house by a lake, fish a little, play with your grandchildren, watch the sunrise & set, take naps, and hang out with your friends.”

hot stuff

Speculating over the advantages of an electric vs. propane option to heat. There is also radiant flooring as an option. For now, check out these puppies!

Dickinson Marine Fireplace

The Dickinson Marine model would be oh so cute, but its a bit pricier, requires more pre-planning and runs on propane. The other option is the Envi Electric Heater pictured above. Electric heater retails at $130. Gas heater retails at $1119. Read more about this debate at This Is the Little Life. Which side do you fall on?